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To make an appointment to see Drs Smith, Mushtaq or Donegan:

1.  See your GP to get a referral (your need a referral to claim a Medicare rebate);

2.  Ask your GP to send the referral plus any important info to us (Fax: 6243 6933);

3.  You then ring us on 6243 8611 & ask for Maree who will make a time for you.

  • Maree can also give you an idea of the cost;

  • one of us should be able to see you in 2-3 weeks or 2 days if urgent.


4.  Before the appointment make sure you have the following to bring:

  • your child & their medicare card,

  • for younger kids - their blue book,

  • for older kids - their school reports & letters from teacher etc,

  • any blood tests or x-rays that are relevant;

  • any assessments by Speech Path, OT, Psychologist, teacher;

  • special toys, drink and/or snack your child might need to stay calm & happy.


5.   On the day please arrive 15 minutes early for the appointment to:

  • fill in some forms;

  • take your child to the toilet;

  • write out important questions to ask. 


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you and your child soon!

Sanda, Mudasir & Geoff

Make an appointment

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