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Referral information for GPs.

  • Please feel free to refer to an individual or us as a group

  • Referral can be sent via email, fax, healthlink, MDexchange or post 

  • Parents then need to contact us for an appointment time

  • Please refer parents to our website for appointment info & what to bring

Urgent reviews

  • We can often see acutely sick kids the same or next day.

  • Please call Mudasir, Sanda or Geoff on 6243 8611 if you want to discuss an urgent review.

  • Current waiting time for non-urgent cases is 2-3 weeks.

Acutely sick child

Sleep clinic

  • Sleep problems can occur at any age and we have a designated clinic to assist.

  • Sanda is a certified Sleep Practitioner with post graduate qualifications.

  • For babies and younger kids please print off the sleep diary so parents can record about 7 days of sleep prior to the appointment.

  • Teens could download a smart phone sleep tracker like Sleep cycle, SleepBot or Sleep Tracker and record a week of their sleep.  

  • Click here for a sleep diary.

Paediatric sleep clinic
Sleep clinic

Continence - Constipation, encopresis & enuresis

  • Both Sanda & Mudasir are experienced in managing childhood continence problems.

  • Early referrals can prevent escalation that may occur in this area.

  • For constipation and/or encopresis please print out the following:  Bristol Stool Form Scale and Stool Diary and ask parent to record stools and soiling for 2 weeks prior to review.

  • For Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis please arrange a Urine MC&S and Renal US.

  • For daytime enuresis please print out the fluid intake & voiding diary and ask parents to complete 2 x 24 hours periods recording all drinks and urine.

Hobart continence clinic

ADHD & Learning Problems

  • Geoff, Sanda & Mudasir will all manage these and associated problems.

  • We will conduct a detailed assessment and produce a multi-faceted plan to help these children reach their full potential.

  • Please print out Vanderbilt Assessments Parent and Teacher forms and ask parents to have these filled in before they see the Paediatrician.

  • Ask parents to bring School Reports (as many as they have), Vanderbilt Assessments, observations from teachers and any School Psychologist reports to the appointment.

Learning problems

Autism Assessments and management

  • Mudasir, Sanda & Geoff all care for children with Autism.

  • Sanda is qualified to administer the ADOS – an autism diagnostic tool.

  • We will formulate a multi-disciplinary plan to provide long term assistance.

  • Supporting parents assess NDIS funding and other supports and assisting with school engagement are vital parts of our service.

  • We facilitate access to individual and group therapeutic activities. 

Autistic child

Asthma, eczema and hay fever

  • Mudasir runs our complex asthma clinic.

  • Referrals for children with unstable and/or difficult to control asthma are welcome.

  • Children with general atopic problems can also be managed by all our paediatricians.

  • Children who need skin prick testing should be referred to either Dr Wun Yee Lau or Royal Hobart Pediatric Outpatients.

Asthma clinic

Rheumatology and Collagen Disorders

  • Geoff has a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Rheumatology. 

  • He is happy to see kids with potential arthritis or vasculitis and manage them in conjunction with local Rheumatologists or the Royal Children’s Hospital as needed. 

  • Geoff also cares for children with collagen disorders like Marfans and Ehlers Danlos. 

  • Please arrange for patients with possible arthritis to have the following investigations done:  FBE + film, CRP, ESR, Rf, ANA & HLA-B27

  • We don’t have a multi D team to manage Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. So patients with these problems will need to be referred to the Royal Hobart.  

paediatric arthritis

Telehealth or Skype reviews

  • Just like with other specialists there is a shortage of rural paediatricians.

  • We can usually arrange telehealth or skype consultations if required.

  • It is usually best if the referring GP is available for at least the first consultation.

  • Theoretically we can see patients from the mainland but often there are difficulties with interstate prescriptions that make in not worthwhile.

  • Please ask a parent to call Maree on 6243 8611 if your patient might benefit from this service.

  • Patients out of the Hobart area are usually bulk billed as the extra 112 item number covers any gap.

Telehealth for children
Telehealth - rural
Gifted and talented

Gifted and Talented Kids

  • Gifted kids tend to have their own unique difficulties in the school system.

  • They need greater support than is available in our resource poor schools.

  • Geoff works with many gifted and talented kids across Hobart, providing understanding, guidance and advocacy.

  • Generally school age kids need a WISC (an IQ test) and a WIAT (academic achievement test).  These can be done privately but cost about $1000.  If there are clear issues at school impacting on the child’s mental health then a MHCP may be appropriate. 

  • Many local Child Psychologists will do these assessments including Windsor Psychology and Lindisfarne Psychology.

  • School Psychologists should be able to arrange these but practically their priorities are helping children with intellectual disabilities and other issues.

Gifted and talented children

Paediatric Cancer

  • Local Paediatric Oncology services are based at the Royal Hobart Hospital

  • Remember the Red Flags for childhood cancer:

    • Pallor plus bleeding/bruising

    • Bone pain - persistent or recurrent

    • Localized, persistent, unexplained lymphadenopathy

    • Unexplained mass

    • Eye changes

    • Breathing difficulty - especially recurrent inspiratory stridor

    • Persistent, unexplained fever, weight loss and/or apathy

    • Unexplained neurological signs

  • If you suspect cancer urgently call the RHH Paediatric Registrar on 6166 8308

Paediatric cancer

Childhood diabetes

  • Children with diabetes in Southern Tasmania are managed in the Paediatric Diabetes Team based at the Royal Hobart.

  • The team includes Drs Mark Pascoe, Michelle Williams and Geoff Donegan along with Diabetes Educators, Psychologist and Dietitian

  • Don't forget the possible clinical features of new onset Type I Diabetes:

    • Unexplained weight loss

    • Polyuria and polydipsia

    • extreme thirst or constant hunger

    • Glycosuria

    • Diabetic ketoacidosis - high blood sugar + ketones

    • Blurred vision, nausea, vomiting

  • Sadly even the youngest kids can get Type 1 Diabetes.  This case of a 2 month old is the youngest Geoff has heard of.

  • Children with new diagnosis of Type I Diabetes should be immediately referred to the Emergency Department where paediatric admission will be  arranged.

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